Kyle Swick

Kyle Swick is no stranger to the Danville community or Hendricks County at large, having grown up in Danville and spending the majority of his post-law school life somewhere between Brownsburg and Plainfield. While earning his degree in history at Indiana University with minors in sociology and religious studies, he was still undecided on his career path. It was his mom that most strongly urged him to consider law. “She saw the potential in me,” he said, and without a better idea, Kyle attended law school at the University of Miami.

After law school, Kyle worked for a boutique firm back closer to home for several years before moving to a larger firm downtown. While Kyle appreciated the connections and skills that the breakneck pace of the job offered, he always felt out of place and wanted to find way back to the community he grew up in.

His work put him in regular contact with Terry Kessinger and Christopher Parker. “I had a lot of respect for Terry and Chris,” he said, “so when Chris made a comment about an opportunity at Kendall Wood Lowry & Kessinger (KWLK), I jumped at it.”

Mr. Swick believes that his clients deserve his best, which is another reason for his decision to join KWLK. “We want that personal connection,” he said. “We make it a priority that when clients call, they speak to an attorney. Something has gone wrong, and people are facing real problems and it is a stressful time for them. They need to talk to someone to guide them.”

His experience in law school included extensive clinic work on the sentencing phase of capital cases. These experiences and personal beliefs have led him to a passion for post-conviction practice. He enjoys working on petitions for pardons, expungements, sentence modifications, and other methods of helping people after they are convicted. “I am more inclined to argue for a person than a set of facts,” Mr. Swick said.

But Kyle’s practice is not limited to post-conviction, but all areas of criminal defense, family, and estate law. “When your office is sitting on the town square of a small community like Danville, you need to be ready to help people with the most common legal issues they face. That is the backbone of my practice.”

Early on in his career, Mr. Swick recalls visiting the jail to see an incarcerated client who was facing charges battery charges. “While I’m never sure what to expect when I meet a client face to face, I don’t think anything could have prepared me for this.” In the jail conference room was a young, pregnant girl, not even 20 years old and terrified. After a brief conversation, Kyle worked hurriedly to get her out on bond so that she could focus her attention on her pregnancy while he handled her legal issues.

Years later, the same girl tracked Kyle down at KWLK to ask for help getting custody of her child back. He was astonished at the turnaround she had accomplished from that day he first saw her in jail and, ultimately, was able to return her son to her custody and get her criminal record expunged. “When it comes to criminal and family law– you so rarely get these happy endings. So when you do get one it’s especially satisfying. It’s clients like her that makes this work worth doing.”

“We want that personal connection. People are facing real problems. They need to talk to someone to guide them.”

– Kyle Swick