A Word about Fees

One of the most common questions that we receive from clients and potential clients is how much our services will cost. We understand that cost is often a large factor in selecting an attorney. To that end, we try to be transparent with our clients regarding fees in the following ways:

First, we do not charge for initial consultations. At an initial consultation, you will meet with an attorney from Kendall Wood Lowry & Kessinger who will explain the fee structures and rates as they apply to your case.

Secondly, we issue itemized monthly billing statements to all of our clients with active balances. These statements state the work performed, the time spent and the associated fees.

Finally, although it is quite rare for a client to have any questions regarding fees or a bill, we never charge our clients for communications solely related to fees or billing.

As a convenience for our clients, our firm accepts all major credit cards, checks and cash. In some cases, we are able to accept installment payments or have a cash bond released as a credit towards our fees.