Do I Have A Case?

The attorney who sends you a form letter or card shortly after you have been injured and asks you to hire him is usually an attorney you should beware of. There are some attorneys who have made arrangements with local police departments to receive copies of all their accident reports and who then mail out form letters soliciting those individuals who have been injured. These lawyers “warehouse” cases and often do not have the experience or time to properly represent your interests.

Beware of the attorney who suggests that you see one of “her doctors” or one of “his chiropractors”. Be on guard if the attorney has a handful of doctor’s cards and he or she suggests you call one of them for an examination. This can often doom your case. Lawyers should not be in the business of recommending physicians, and when they do insurance companies and juries become very suspicious.

Be careful of the attorney who wants you to sign a contingent fee for agreement without the opportunity to read it and digest it first. A competent attorney with suggest that you take the agreement home with you and digest it before you sign it. Some attorneys actually mail contingent fee agreements to potential clients along with copies of the police report, asking the persons to sign and return the agreements before they have even met with them or explained what services they can provide. You will rarely be well served by such an attorney