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The Services of Kendall, Wood, Lowry & Kessinger
School/Municipal Law
The attorneys in our office represent four (4) school districts and one municipality in Hendricks County.  If you would like to discuss issues related to your school district or town, please contact our office.
Business Planning & Services
Whether you have an established business or are looking at a new business opportunity, contact the attorneys in our office to discuss your business need. No business is too small to discuss and we will work with you to customize your business plan. We can also help review business contracts, help develop a business contract, help you form a corporation or limited liability company. The attorneys in our office can also work with you on real estate and land use contracts, as well as landlord/tenant issues. Please contact our office.
Criminal Law
We represent clients throughout central Indiana in criminal matters, with the majority of our criminal practice located in Hendricks County. Whether you have been charged with a felony, a misdemeanor, a probation violation or traffic ticket, the attorneys in our office have experience for handling those types of cases and can help you work through the issues surrounding those cases. Many people do not realize the effects that even a misdemeanor arrest can have on your life, so you should work with an experienced attorney to help you navigate through it.
Personal Injury
In Indiana, if someone causes you injury and they are at fault in causing the injury, they can be made to compensate you for the injuries that you suffered.  The attorneys in our office have learned over the years that there are few accidents.  Most of the time injuries occur because someone was not paying attention or someone was careless or, worse, reckless in their actions.  
Family Law
The attorneys in our office strive to handle family matters with sensitivity. Many issues related in family law are highly emotional and the attorneys in our office will strive to provide sound legal advice while also invoking compassion for the client. Our family law practice includes practice in the following areas, divorce, child custody, child support, property distribution, paternity, spousal maintenance, as well as many other family law issues, including step-parent adoptions. The attorneys in our office have over 75 years of experience working on family law matters.
Estate Planning

Attorney's in our office can assist you in planning for your life as well as preparing you and your family for the future. We understand the importance of estate planning in your life and the lives of your loved ones. We do not use a cookie cutter approach to estate planning. Every estate plan is personalized because a cookie cutter approach does not work. We provide personal and in-depth counseling to you and your family in order to accomplish your goals, whether these goals include providing for your young family, your children and grandchildren, a child with special needs or for your church or other non-profit organization. We can also help you plan for the future of your family business through the use of various estate planning tools.