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If We Represent Your Case, What Can You Expect?
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We begin the information-acquiring procedure shortly after our first meeting. After our initial discussions, we have notified the other party by letter of our representation. In the future, if you receive any calls from the other party or insurance company, you should refer the call directly to us. Do not answer any of their questions or provide any information. Members of your family or others who likely are to answer your phone should be given the same instruction.


We will attempt to acquire witness statements from individuals who have information about how the injury occured. If you learn of any additional names of witnesses, please contact us immediately. If anyone calls you with information, please make sure to get the party's name, telephone number and address before giving him or her our number to call.


We immediately write for medical information concerning injuries involved. It will be important for you to keep us advised of any new doctor that you see. Please be sure to keep all receipts for drugs or any type of medical apparatus that you purchase. It would be quite helpful if you could send us copies of all medical bills that you receive. This information is very important as it advises us of your medical expenses and the dates of treatment and the type of services that have been rendered. If a hospital admission is anticipated for any procedure of any nature, call and let us know in advance. If the hospital does not give you a copy of the bill, attempt to retain your patient number which can be found on your identification bracelet. This helps us locate your medical records.


If there is any significant change in your medical condition, please let us know. If you are going to be out of town for any length of time, please give us a call with a forwarding number is case it becomes necessary to contact you.