Does Your Case Qualify For Our Representation? Print
  1. Have you incurred over $2,500.00 in medical bills? Do you expect to incur further medical expenses? We generally do not accept cases with medical expenses under this limit. This doesn't mean that you do not have a case. We will be happy to recommend you to another attorney if we do not take your case.
  2. Minimal property damage. Juries seem to have a difficult time with the concept that you can be severely injured in an accident where there is little or no visible damage to your vehicle. Although we know of many cases where a person suffered serious injuries with minimal automobile damage, most juries will not award large damages where there is little apparent damage to the automobile. The risk to the client of an adverse verdict in such cases outweighs the feasibility of our taking the case.
  3. Prior injuries. If your back was injured in this accident, and you have been under treatment for your back for similar injuries in the past we will not take your case. Injuries to a part of your body that has been injured or treated before this accident often result in small verdicts. We advise most clients against pursuing such claims.
  4. Other Representation. If you have been represented by another attorney for this accident, we will not accept your case. We have own own style and method of preparation and do not want to take over after another attorney has been involved.
  5. Chiropractors. If your only medical treatment has been by Chiropractors we will not accept your case. Not only will your case be difficult to prove in front of a jury due to the laws of evidence in Indiana, but juries do not place as much weight on the testimony of a Chiropractor and often reduce their awards significantly when there is no other treating physician.
  6. Traffic charges. Did the investigating officer charge you with violation of any traffic law or other offenses as a result of the accident? If so, we will not accept your case.